Landscape Installation In Santa Rosa

Landscape Installation Santa Rosa CA

For the best landscape installation in Santa Rosa CA, turn to Gill Landscaping Inc. We have over thirty-four years of experience in the area and are highly skilled in maximizing your enjoyment of your property while minimizing water use. Do your part to conserve water while enjoying a beautiful, functional yard with our landscape design, installation, and maintenance options.

The lush green lawn is a classic, but current water shortages require creative solutions. We specialize in drought resistant landscaping, from the traditional to the innovative. We can introduce you to grass varieties that require minimal upkeep, from irrigation to mowing. If you want to add shrubs, flowering perennials, foliage plants, or other new flora to your landscape installation, let us help. We will select the plants that fit your property, taste, budget, and care needs. Expertly chosen plants have a much greater chance of success.

Hardscaping is an essential element in maximizing your outdoor space, and can also reduce the area of your lawn requiring watering. From constructed elements such as retaining walls and walkways, to naturalistic elements such as ornamental boulders, we are your rock and concrete specialists. Trellises, arbors and pergolas create shady areas in your yard, as well as providing an opportunity to grow ornamental and fruiting vines such as grapes. Patios can provide a simple area to relax outside, or can come complete with a fire pit or outdoor kitchen.

Want to grow your own food, but do not know where to start? We can help you create a brand new vegetable garden. Whether your site requires soil amendments, irrigation systems, protective fencing, raised beds, or all of these, our design and installation services will fulfill your gardening dreams. Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables year round from your easy care garden. Believe it or not, edibles can be a key part of drought resistant landscaping. Soil development, careful siting, and mulching can greatly reduce water demand. Produce grown at home requires a mere fraction of the water than that in large scale commercial operations.

Gill Landscaping Incorporated has offered landscape installation service throughout the Santa Rosa CA area for over thirty years. We also offer design and maintenance services for landscapes big and small. Unlock your property's potential and give us a call today!

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